Mail-In Rebate for FREE Sunlight OxiAction Dishwasher Pacs

Have you checked your emails lately?

If you have, you’ll find an exclusive mail-in rebate from Shopper’s Voice for FREE Sunlight OxiAction Dishwasher Pacs!

The mail-in rebate is for the 20ct pacs or for up to $6 off any Sunlight OxiAction Dishwasher pacs!

The mail-in rebate is redeemable between September 16th 2013 and November 1st, 2013.


Jasmine Parker 53 Canada en-EN
Jasmine Parker


I'm a mother of 3 beautiful kids and both my husband and I are big fans of couponing!! It's been more than 5 years (and counting) that we haven't paid full-price for a product, and we're so proud of ourselves!