DIY : Flower Vase From Pringles Can

If you are used to throw away Pringles cans after eating their content , think about it again ! Did you know that you can actually make out of it a simple handmade project that looks like an expensive piece of decoration. You need to have :

  • a can of Pringles;
  • rubber seal coating;
  • spray adhesive;
  • a can of Mod Podge;
  • a bunch of rocks;
  • some grout;
  • a knife;
  • water, paint brush and paper towels;
  • a sponge;

First, Apply on the inside of the Pringles can the rubber seal coating (it will prevent water from flowers to leak).

Then, place the can on its side and spray the adhesive. Work with one section at a time.

Next, put the rocks on the cans and make a nice pattern out of them. Do the same for the other sections and let the whole can to dry for a while.

Now , time for the grout. With the help of a knife, spread it in sections. Before it dries rub the grout off as much rocks as you can, while pushing it between the rocks. Use some paper towel and water on a paint brush to work across the rocks.

In the end, apply on the rocks with a movement of a moist sponge. After the grout dries over the night, layer the rocks with a bit of Mod Podge to give it a shine and leave to dry.

Your Vase is ready ! Time to put water & flowers in it and enjoy it !

Source : fabyoubliss

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