Mason Jar Frame!


Want to fold your memories into some really cool masterpiece and to show them off to your friends and family? If yes, then probably you should consider making some vintage photos from Mason jar frame and olive oil. The idea is very simple and plain but it’s very unique, authentic and clever. What you will need to make these is simply:

  • A photo that you like most
  •  A mason jar
  •  Some olive oil.

Now the how-to-do-it part: To create your own masterpiece, you will need first to cut the photo to fit in the Mason jar, then laminate it, this way it keeps its shape. After you place your favourite photo inside the jar you want to add the olive oil, and that’s it, your masterpiece is ready. Go show it off to your friends and family!! Please note that you should use copies of the photos and keep the original ones.

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