Some More Useful Couponing Terms!

What are Rain Checks, Scanning Code of Practice, and Price-Matching?

Let’s say you have a FPC for a drink, and you’re all excited to use it at your grocery store but when you go to claim it, they’re all out. You can ask them for a rain check, which is basically a “ticket” that gives you the right to use that FPC at a later date when that particular drink is available.

Most retailers have a scanning code of practice. Say you find an item that you would like to buy for $4.00, which is the price marked on the shelf, but when you’re at checkout, the display shows that your item scanned for $6.00, you are actually entitled to get it for FREE! This applies if the item you want is less than $10. In case you want something that is marked for $15 on the shelf, and it scans for $20, then you can get $10 off! Awesome, huh?

There are some retailers, like Walmart, that guarantee the lowest prices in the market; in order to prove what they advertise, they price-match. What this means is: if you find a product at Target, for example, that sells for $5.50, but at Walmart, that same product sells for $5.80, you can go to Walmart and show them that the price is lower at Target, and they will sell it for 1 cent less than Target’s price, and you will get it for $5.49!


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