Tim Hortons Rewards: All You Must Know About Tims Rewards Program

The Tim Hortons Rewards Program is one of the most popular Rewards Programs in Canada because we all like Tim Hortons. So below is everything you need to understand about Tims Hortons Rewards program.

Tim Hortons Rewards: Everything You Need To Understand About Tims Rewards

Tim Hortons Rewards works in a convenient and easy way with a point-based framework. Which means you earn points on purchases at Tim Hortons. Then you can use the points and redeem them for benefits or free products at Tim Hortons stores or online through the Tim Hortons App.

For every qualified purchase you make, you earn 10 points when you scan your card or Tim Hortons Mobile App. It doesn’t matter if the purchase total value was $5 or $50. For every purchase at Tim Hortons, no matter its value, you’ll earn 10 points.

You can have up to 20,000 points at oncein your Tim card.

So when you get to Tims Hortons, make sure you have your Tims Horton fidelity card at hand. The cashier will likely ask if you have it, but otherwise, you can simply show it to them and they’ll understand what to do. If you forgot to bring your card, you can additionally check your application and scan your purchase. Simply make sure you appropriately linked your card beforehand.

There are a couple of limitations to keep in mind:

  • The pre-tax overall of your purchase needs to be over $0.50, and also
  • The transaction has to be made at least half an hour after your last purchase at Tim Hortons.

These limitations are in place so you won’t get 4 coffees or teas as 3 separate transactions to get extra points since you get the points on the purchase itself, not on the value of the purchase.

One last thing, Tim Hortons Rewards points have an expiration date. They do expire one year after the date you got them. So make sure to also spend your points instead of just collecting them.

Tims rewards

Tim Hortons Rewards points

When you begin redeeming your Rewards Points, you’ll have the ability to redeem for items in 13 different benefit levels.

Before we get into the degrees, there are few crucial points to note:

  • You need to be a signed up individual (linked your card to an account on the app) to choose your rewards category.
  • Your Rewards Points will automatically be redeemed when you’ve collected enough for your level
  • If you intend to save up your points, you’ll have to pick the “Bank my points” reward degree in the app so they won’t expire

Tim Rewards Levels

After you sign-in on the Tims Mobile App, click “Details” in the top right corner of the home page, after that switch to the rewards tab. You’ll see 4 levels to choose from, plus the choice to bank your points:

Below are the 13 different levels you’ll find within these categories :

  • 50 points: Classic donuts, specialty donuts, and cookies
  • 50 points: Hash browns
  • 70 points (default): Brewed coffee and tea
  • 70 points: Dream donuts, bagels, as well as baked goods
  • 100 points: Hot delicious chocolate, french vanilla, cold coffee
  • 100 points: Wedges
  • 140 points: Classic Iced Capp, frozen beverages, and also coffee drinks
  • 140 points: Box of 10 Timbits
  • 140 points: Yogurt and/or oatmeal
  • 180 points: Breakfast sandwiches
  • 180 points: Soups
  • 220 points: BELT and farmers breakfast sandwich
  • 220 points: Lunch sandwiches and chilis

The default category for newly signed-up users is the 70 points per drink level, which indicates for every 7 successful checkouts at Tim Hortons, you’ll get a free coffee or tea.

If you have enough points and wish to redeem your free products from one of the other levels instead, you’ll need to select it in your Mobile App.

You’ll have to toggle the “bank points” feature in the application in order to allow saving your points. Remember, you can only save as much as 20,000 points simultaneously. So you also need to redeem those points as soon as you have enough to get the free product you want.

Tim Hortons Rewards Mobile App

Tim Hortons Roll Up

All that being said, you still need to register your physical Tim Hortons Rewards card if you have one. You can do so on the Tim Hortons Mobile App. You can either look for it on the Google Play store or the App Store (Android or iOS) or just get it from the Tim Hortons website.

Tim Rewards App

Keep in mind you do not need to have a physical card if you don’t want to. You can just check the application from your phone instead and use it to scan your purchases at Tim Hortons store to redeem your points.

Yet, if you do have the physical card, make certain to connect it to your Tims account. Otherwise, the points you gain on that particular card will certainly be devalued by almost half.

In their Frequently Asked Question, they state customers with unlinked physical cards can just redeem Rewards points at a price of 120 points for coffee, tea, or a donut.

In the new program, you’ll only need 70 points for your tea, coffee, or baked goods… so see to it to link your card to maximize your benefits.

How does Tim Hortons Rewards Program compare to other coffee Rewards programs?

So does the Tims Rewards Program stand its ground when compared to various other rewards options?

Below is a quick comparison between several rewards programs: (Minimum spend for 1 free coffee)

  • Tim Hortons Rewards: $4.06 (7 purchases of $0.58).
  • McDonald’s McCafe: $ 4.73 (7 purchases of at least $1.35) *.
  • Starbucks Rewards: $25 (50 Stars).
  • 2nd Cup Rewards: $50 (500 points).

* If you check the application and accumulate stickers on your purchases, you could practically get 2 coffees after you invest $4.73.

So the answer is Tims Rewards Program is pretty good compared to other coffee rewards programs in Canada.

Tim Hortons Coffee


How does the Tim Hortons Rewards program work?

Tim Hortons Rewards Points is a point-based system where every eligible purchase you make at Tim Hortons will get you 10 points. You can select from 13 different reward redemption levels, ranging from 50 points to 220 points.

What can you get with Tim Hortons rewards points?

Your Tims Rewards Points can be retrieved for almost anything you at Tim Hortons, including coffee, tea, iced drinks, bagels, Timbits, sandwiches, as well as chili. There are 13 different benefit levels. You can check out every one of them right above.

How do I check my Tim Hortons rewards card balance?

In order to check the number of Tim Rewards points you have, log in to the Tims Rewards app and examine the leading banner to find out how many points you got.

Simply keep in mind that you need to register your Tims Rewards card first before this will effectively track points.

Where did my Tims Benefits points go?

Something crucial to bear in mind regarding Tims Rewards is that your points are immediately redeemed as quickly as you have actually made sufficient points. This can trigger a lot of confusion, so it’s best to keep a close eye on your points balance.

How do I link my Tims Rewards card to the app?

In order to register your Tims Rewards card, download and install the app from the Google Play or App Store. Click on the leading banner after you log-in.

Scroll down a little bit till you see the button that states “Link my card” and input the number on your physical card there.

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