9 products to buy and 3 products to avoid at Dollarama

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Dollarama products are often called poor quality because of the great discounts they offer, but there are however good deals on things you use every day. On the other hand, for some items, you have to be careful, because you could actually spend more per unit which would be more expensive and some products can also affect your health.

9 items to buy at Dollarama:

Glassware and crockery: Crockery and glassware are some of the essential things to find at Dollarama, you will not regret it. You can also buy kitchen utensils, baking trays, etc. These small finds are solid and made to last.

Housekeeping Products: At dollarama, you can purchase branded household cleaning products as well as garbage bags that you usually find at lower prices.

Beauty care items: Everything related to beauty treatments such as creams, soaps, shampoos or cottons etc are artciles not to miss dollarama but avoid private label products.

Craft Supplies: The dollarama is where you will find the cheapest craft supplies.

Party Supplies: Holiday items are known to be cheaper at dollarama stores than at other big box stores.

Educational Articles: You can find educational articles at low prices at dollarama. You can also purchase office supplies such as pens, notebooks, staples, etc. also at a lower price than in other stores.

Plastic containers: Compared to supermarkets, at dollarama you will find plastic containers at a low price.

Toys: Children get tired of their toys quickly, they always ask for more, so the best place to pamper them while spending less is at the dollarama.

Seasonal articles: Some items are periodical, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day items, but it’s a bargain not to be missed, elsewhere it’s always more expensive.

The 3 items to avoid at dollarama:

Often We are tempted by cheap products or articles, but when it comes to our health, we must know how to stay away.

Oven Mittens: Dollarama’s oven mittens look  very similar to those in other stores, but think again, they do not protect you from the heat; the quality is not as good.

Vitamins: Never take your health lightly and buy your vitamins in pharmacies because health is priceless.

Batteries: The dollarama batteries are of poor quality and they will not last long which will bring you to buy others. It is advisable to buy batteries of good quality.

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