Canadian Tire Flyer April 16 – April 22, 2021

Get the Best Canadian Tire Flyer Deals for April 16 to April 22, 2021. Available in all Canadian Tire in Canada.

The Canadian Tire Flyer

Canadian Tire Flyer

Canadian Tire Flyer

The traditional Canadian Tire Flyer, which is issued on a weekly basis both online and offline, highlights the latest Canadian Tire deals and hottest available offers from home hardware essentials to automotive categories. The sales featured in weekly flyers can be added up to further additional Canadian Tire coupons, promo codes, and similar other offers for accumulated savings.  

Are you in search of the best deals on seasonal or just practical items for every day? There will definitely be something that catches your attention in the Canadian Tire flyer. You can either stop by one of the CTA stores to grab one or sign up online to get these delivered right to your inbox in PDF format.

Canadian Tires issues weekly flyers with the best deals and hottest offers of the period, along with some monthly catalogues and guides that focus on specific themes, such as outdoor adventures and truck accessories. Besides these, the group creates special occasion flyers as well. Examples include Christmas Canadian Tire flyer, black Friday flyers, and summer/spring/fall themed flyers, each with a specific launch date and validity period.

Available Canadian Tire Flyer – Dates & validity 

  • Weekly Canadian Flyer – Released every week with a 6 days validity period.
  • Truck Accessories Guide – Released on the 17th of April of every year with a one month validity period.
  • Christmas Canadian Tire Flyer – Released on the 6th of December of every year with a 19 days validity period.
  • The Outsider Guide- Released on the 22nd of September or/and the 17th of April of every year with a one month validity period.
  • Black Friday Canadian Tire Flyer – Released on the 28th of November of every year with a 4 days validity period.
  • Boxing week Flyers – Released on the 26th of December of every year with an 8 days validity period.
  • Merry Madness Sale Flyer- Released on the the 12th of December of every year with a 13 days validity period.
  • Gifts for all Flyers- Released on the 6th of December of every year with a 19 days validity period.
  • The ultimate home event Flyer- Released on the the 18th of October of every year with a 21 days validity period.
  • In Fall Catalogue – Released on the 27th of September of every year with a 20 days validity period.
  • The Ultimate Tool Guide Flyer- Released on the 13th of September of every year with a 20 days validity period.
  • Big Red Weekend Flyer- Released on the 5th of September of every year with a 4 days validity period.
  • In Summer Canadian Tire Flyer – Released on the 14th of June of every year with a 20 days validity period.
  • In Spring Canadian Tire Flyer – Released on the 3rd of May of every year with a 20 days validity period.
  • In Home Canadian Tire Flyer – Released on the 8th of March of every year with a 20 days validity period.

Triangle Rewards program

Through the Triangle Rewards Program, Canadian Tire customers can gain electronic money by showing their Canadian Tire Money card or Canadian Tire mobile App at checkout, or by using their Canadian Tire Options MasterCard/Options World MasterCard to pay in Canadian Tire shops or online stores. Only program registered members can enjoy collecting and redeeming electronic Canadian Tire Money.

  • How can I become a ‘My Canadian Tire Money’ member?
  1. Register online and grab a My Canadian Tire ‘Money’ Card from one of the stores or gas bars 
  2. Look for Canadian Tire Mobile App on Apple’s App Store or Google Play and download it  
  3. Select a Canadian Tire Options MasterCard at and apply for it 
  • What advantages will I get as a member of the Triangle Rewards Program?
  1. Collect Canadian Tire Money and redeem it in different stores, including Canadian tier and other participating sores, such as Atmosphere, Mark’s, Sport check, Gas+, and so on.
  2. Receive customized deals on your  Triangle™ Mobile App.
  3. Earn Canadian Tire Money at Gas + stations. 
  4. Earn Canadian Tire Money by presenting different credit cards, other than debit or cash. 
  5. Enjoy the return policy without presenting the paper receipt. 
  6. Earn Canadian Tire Money at Canadian Tire online stores.
  • Do I have to pay for the Triangle Credit Cards?

No, there are no fees for applying to or maintaining a Triangle Credit Card. This retailer offers customers a no-interest financing to make their shopping experience less stressful. 

Equal Payment Plan 

Canadian Tires is giving you the possibility of paying big purchases in monthly installments over the course of 12 months for orders between $200 and $499 or 24 months for those exceeding $500. While you can ask for this option at checkout when shopping in a physical store, you can select this option on the checkout page when shopping online. The only thing you will have to do is using your Triangle MasterCard to make the payments. There are no fees or interests related to this payment plan, as long as the customer pays the monthly installments by the due date.

About Canadian Tire 

Canadian Tire Canadian Tire is the leading Canadian home-hardware and automotive brand, with the most competitive prices and deals in the market. Yes, it doesn’t only sell tires, as its name says! Considered as one of the largest retailers, this brand is one of Canada’s most recognized ones with a primary objective of providing services that guarantee a healthy, economic, and active lifestyle to Canadian consumers.

Canadian Tire is considered as one of the most trusted corporations in Canada. While integrity, honesty, and respect are the core values of this corporation, it aims at providing Canadians with the necessary and essential products and services at unbeatable prices

Through this retailer, you can benefit from massive savings thanks to the weekly Canadian Tire flyer and catalogues, coupons, deals, and discounts. With market offerings ranging from automotive and sport products to home and leisure ones, you can find world-class owned brands that you love, including Panasonic, Dyson, Michelin, among others.

Key Facts

  • Nearly 85% of individuals living in Canada are within 15-minute drive away from a Canadian Tire Shop 
  • About 90% of adults in Canada shop from Canadian Tire stores at least two times a year
  • About 40% of individuals in Canada visit Canadian Tire stores on a weekly basis
  • Canadian Tire offers services to about 10,000 cars per day
  • Ranked as Number°1 Retailer in terms of affordability 

Stores Location

In total, Canadian Tire Retail has 493 stores across Canada. Here is a breakdown of the total number of shops per region: 

  • Ontario – 202 stores
  • Quebec – 99 stores
  • Alberta – 55 stores
  • BC – 52 stores
  • Nova Scotia – 21 stores
  • Saskatchewan – 14 stores
  • New Brunswick – 19 stores
  • Manitoba – 14 stores
  • Newf & Labr – 13 stores

Product Categories 

Canadian Tires offers both retail and financial services. Under the retail part, we find different product categories, including: 

  • Automotive
    • Gas 
    • Automobile parts 
    • Roadside assistance 
    • Interior Car accessories 
    • Car care and auto service tools 
    • Tires and wheels
    • Truck accessories 
    • Car cleaning services
    • Car Electronics 
  • Home 
    • Seasonal home products 
    • Gardening products 
    • Kitchen material 
    • Outdoor tools
    • Backyard living
    • Home cleaning material 
    • Home decoration
    • Plumbing tools
    • Electrical material & Electronics
    • Lighting tools
    • Pet Care 
    • Personal care
  • Fixing 
    • Home repair material 
    • Painting tools 
    • Home services
  • Outdoor
    • Outdoor furniture
    • Power equipment 
    • Plants care 
    • Inspects and mosquitoes control 
    • Irrigation tools 
    • Pool accessories
  • Sport 
    • Gold material 
    • Cycling material 
    • Fitness tools 
    • Camping material 
    • Hunting 
    • Fishing products 
    • Boating & water sports 
  • Apparel 
    • Female clothing 
    • Male clothing 
    • Footwear 
    • Industrial clothing 

On the other hand, Canadian Tires offers a wide variety of financial services, including retail deposits, insurance contracts, in-store warranties, and credit card offers. 

Canadian Tire Family

Canadian Tire Corporation is a composition of various different brands, including Canadian Tire retail, Atmosphere, National Sports, Pro Hockey life, Intersport, Sports Experts, Hockey Experts, PartSource, Gas+, Mark’s, Canadian Tire Real Estate Investment, and Canadian Tire financial services.

Canadian Tire’s TOP Brands

  • Black & Decker 
  • Castrol 
  • Coleman 
  • DeWALT 
  • Fram 
  • Good Year 
  • Heritage 
  • KitchenAid 
  • Lagostina 
  • Stanley 
  • Sylvania 
  • T-fal 

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