Metro Flyer April 15 – April 21, 2021

Get the Best Metro Flyer Deals for April 15 to April 21, 2021. Avalaible in all Metro in Canada.

Metro Flyer

Metro Flyer

The Metro Flyer

Although Metro may not have the lowest prices in the market, this retailer issues weekly flyers every Thursday to allow its customers to stay up-to-date with the store’s best deals, sales, and discounts.

With Metro Flyer offers on a selection of essential products, consumers can make a lot of savings by planning their meals according to the items that are on sale. Since Metro is operating mainly in Quebec and Ontario, two 7 valid days flyers are issued each thursday:

  • Metro Flyer Quebec
  • Metro Flyer Ontario

To check the weekly savings flyers, you don’t have to navigate the website looking for it. We make available for you here at canadian savers. So, you can already start thinking about how to economize with these amazing deals and offers.

About Metro

Metro is considered one of the biggest Canadian food retailers, with stores all over Quebec and Ontario. Considered as the third largest supermarket chain in Canada after Loblaw and Sobeys, Metro has three white label brands, including Selections, Irresistibles, and Super C. This retailer’s market share of the retail industry in Canada accounts for 10,5%.

Metro offers a wide variety of products, including fresh food, health & Beauty products, and other grocery items. Unlike the majority of Canadian retailers that focus on cheapness and price matching, Metro centralizes on product’s availability, which means having products on the shelves all the time. More than that, Metro provides customers with weekly deals, contests, and coupons, in addition to a wide variety of recipes and special occasions’ meals to keep them engaged and connected.

Stores location

Metro has 242 stores in total in Canada, which are mainly distributed over Quebec and Ontario.

  • Nova Scotia – ONE store
  • Ontario – 142 stores
  • Quebec – 99 stores

Metro Online Grocery

To make the shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable, Metro provides its customers with the online grocery store option. With the same prices and deals as in store, you can now do your groceries online directly from your smartphone or laptop, without going out of your house. Metro Flyer prices are also valid for Online grocery.

Metro offers you two complementary services to your online groceries, which are pickups and delivery services. You choose whatever works best for you! Before starting your online grocery shopping, we invite you to sign up for an account by entering your coordinates on the registration form. Once done with registration, we invite you to sign in to start placing your order.

Metro Canada





How does it work?

In order to shop your groceries online with Metro, you need to follow three simple and easy steps:

  1. Visit website, browse by product category, and place your order.
  2. Pick a time slot and select the service that you want – Pickup or delivery service.
  3. A member of the Online Grocery team will take in charge the preparation of your order by selecting the freshest product as you would do yourself.

How to finalize your order?

  1. Validate the items added to your card after checking them
  2. Enter your home address and confirm it in case you pick the delivery option
  3. Enter and validate your personal payment information
  4. Review all the given details and confirm by submitting your order if everything is good
  5. Keep an eye on your email, as you will be receiving an order confirmation email
  6. After a while, you will be receiving an assembly confirmation email saying that the order is ready for delivery or pickup


Important Notes

  • Deliveries are sent between 8 AM and 10 PM.
  • If you place your order before 1 PM, you can be delivered the same day after 6 PM or choose a pickup after 4 PM.
  • There is an assembly fee of $4 that is applied to your order. Hile pickup services are free of charge, deliveries cost around $8.
  • Your online order should be at least $50.
  • To pick up an order, you need to go to the pickup location during the time slot selected and park your car there. The, you have to call the number on the sign to inform the concerned team that you arrived. Just after that, there will be someone bringing your order to your car.

What are the benefits of Metro Online Grocery?

  • Convenience – Through online shopping, you can save a lot of time, which is very important today.
  • Simplicity – Placing an online order is very easy and quick. You can get your groceries done anywhere at any time just in two clicks.
  • Tri-Zone™ Guarantee – Through the Tri-Zone™, Metro guarantees the products’ freshness by keeping them in three different temperature zones both in the shop and in the truck.
  • Deals & Promotions – In Metro’s online shop, you can enjoy a great deal of digital coupons, discounts and Metro Flyer that will help you save more money.

Metro&Moi Program

Metro has launched its metro&moi reward program that aims at helping you save on your grocery bills. Through this program, the user can earn ‘M’ points for every dollar purchased every day.

More, it provides each consumer with personalized and customized offers and deals that fit their personal needs, preferences, and interests.

How is Metro&Moi beneficial for you?

  • You collect M points on all your purchases. Each dollar spent is the equivalent of an M point. You also have access to some bonus points on a collection of flyer items. As a welcoming pack, you get 100 M points by becoming a new member.
  • You receive personalized coupons and bonus reward points on your favorite items and products.
  • The higher the earned points, the bigger your reward chequer, and the higher your savings. You automatically receive a reward cheque after 3 months via the My Metro mobile application to reduce your grocery bill amount at checkout.
Matro Canada App

Matro Canada App

Metro on Cornershop Concept

Metro on Cornershop is a grocery delivery service through which a shopper can handle your Metro order in exchange for some service fees as well as delivery fees.

How does it work?

  1. Navigate the Cornershop website or download the Mobile Application
  2. Place your order by selection the items you want
  3. Pick a time slot and fill out your personal paiement information
  4. Submit your order after checking it and validating it
  5. A personal shopper will take share of getting your items from Metro shops
  6. For any further notice or information, the shopper will contact either via a phone call or through a message
  7. You get your order delivered to your order

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