No Frills Flyer (ON) – October 22 to 27, 2020

The latest No Frills Flyer is out! Check it out below to make some great value savings on your grocery shopping this week. You can find below the No Frills Flyer, available from October 22 to 27, 2020, and also the best deals and discounts available at your local No Frills Store.

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No Frills Flyer

No Frills Flyer

The No Frills Flyer

In addition to the extremely low prices found at No frills stores, this retailer issues a lot of flyers that shed the light on the latest deals and promotions. For many, No Frills flyers are the first thing to check for current special sand sales before starting to shop. If you are looking to pay less and save more, we invite you to browse No Frills Flyer for the best deals.

The only type of flyers that is issued by No Frills is the weekly one. Every Thursday of the week, the flyer is made available for clients. With a validity period of seven days, the flyers feature the hottest sales and offers of the week. 

There are three ways in which you can have No Frills Flyers. You can either get it in one of the retailer’s physical stores or contact the Customer Relations Department to request being considered for flyers, along with providing them with your full address. 

  • Customer Relations Centre Phone: 1-800-296-2332
  • Customer Relations Department Working hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am-5:00pm

The flyer can also be found online, both on the website and on the mobile application. 

About No Frills 

When it comes to food and household items, No Frills Canada is considered one of the best retailers. Considered as one of the largest deep discount supermarket chains in the region, No Frills has thousands of products to consider, including fresh produce, meat, and the famous President’s Choice® product line, without forgetting about the no name® one.

Back in 1978, when the retailer opened its first doors in Toronto, a very limited amount of goods were offered along with a very basic customer service. However, the opening was a huge success thanks to the promoted discount prices, which allowed the company to increase its customer base in a very short period of time. Today, stores are offering a wider array of products and brands, including Loblaw’s private brand ‘President’s Choice’ and No name brand.

No frills, which is owned by Loblaw Companies Limited, aims at helping Canadians to live a comfortable life by providing them with the necessary food, cleaning, health, and comfort products at very competitive prices. In the absence of advertising, marketing activities, fancy labels, and similar other promotional efforts, No Frills succeeds in keeping the lowest prices in the market to help customers save money and make shopping decisions easier for them. If you are looking for a combination of quality and convenience, look no further! No frills comes to fulfill your wish! 

Stores Location

There is a total number of 264 No Frills stores across Canada. Present in different Canadian provinces and territories, here is a simple store breakdown per region.

  • Alberta – 37 stores 
  • British Columbia – 26 stores
  • Manitoba – 6 stores
  • Brunswick – 2 stores
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – 5 stores
  • Ontario – 175  stores
  • Saskatchewan – 8 stores
  • Nova Scotia – 4 stores
  • Prince Edward Island – 1 store 

No Frills PC Express 

With the PC Express option that No Frills is offering to customers, you can now shop your groceries online using the website or the mobile app and then pick them up in one of your nearest stores for a $3-$5 cost. Wanna discover more about this option? 

Why should I use PC Express? 

  • It’s Convenient! You can place your order anytime anywhere you want. You also get to choose the pickup time and location that work the best for you.
  • It’s guaranteed! Through this option, rest assured that the freshest available products will be picked for you. Otherwise, you will be given your money back 
  • It’s rewarded! You can earn points by linking your card to your account. The points can be used to ask for a free pickup.
  • It’s enjoyable! Through PC Express, you can enjoy the same prices, deals, and offers that are available in stores. More, you can benefit from customized deals based on the products you purchase the most, thanks to the PC Optimum Reward program of No Frills.

How does PC Express work? 

  1. Place your order online through the website or the mobile application
  2. No Frills takes in charge filling your order with the freshest products 
  3. Select your pickup time and location 

Important Notes for Online Shoppers 

  • While browsing on No Frills website, you may notice some kind of slowness, which is mainly due to the very high traffic volume experienced by the site during these last days. In this period, a higher number of shoppers tend to prefer online grocery shopping, which increases the amount of people navigating the website. However, No Frills is working hard to keep you satisfied by maintaining a fast online shopping user experience. 
  • Due to increased demand for some products and limited stocks, during this COVID-19 pandemic period, No Frills may apply purchase limits to certain items. This is particularly to ensure that all customers’ needs are covered and satisfied without exception.
  • With the current situation, the waiting time of shopping customers is sometimes becoming longer than usual. While No frills relies heavily on your patience, it is also working on optimizing this through further support.
  • No Frills is also adopting the contactless pickup option that allows customers to take their orders without interacting with any of the store’s personnel. 

No Frills Won’t Be Beat Concept

Because it’s known for having the lowest prices in the market, No Frills is adopting the ‘Won’t be Beat’ program. If you encounter a price that is cheaper than the ones fund in No Frills, simply inform them and they will MATCH. In case you come across a lower price for a product that No Frills has in its stores, you have the right to claim that by showing them either a receipt, an ad, or any other proof. Rest assured that they will offer you the same item at the same price.  No Frills is ready to match competitor’s prices to maintain your loyalty and avoid losing you. However, the program does not apply to No Frills franchisees, franchisors, and third party operators.

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