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Vplenish is not like your ordinary vitamin supplements, which are kind of bulky and hard to swallow, it’s actually the first taste-free daily vitamin! You can add it to anything you eat or drink, and it dissolves quickly…how convenient is that?

And yes, even in water ;)

Plus, it’s free of gluten, caffeine, and calories, and it’s Kosher.

Here’s a funny story…

My roommate, back in college, had a pill-phobia (not sure if it’s real phobia or not); she was super scared of swallowing pills, thinking she would choke on them and die (weird…I know). That’s why all of her meds were in liquid or powder forms.

I bet she’d love to get her hands on Vplenish :D

Anyways, hurry up and get yours while they’re still available!

PS: You will be asked to make a donation, but it’s not required to get the sample.


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