New Sampling Program From P&G!


I’ve got some bad and good mews for you!

Unfortunately, the P&G BrandSampler program has come to an end, but the good news is that they have a new sampling method called the P&G Everyday Program.

You’ll need to register on this new website and use it by browsing through the different products and reviews and interacting with others as this may become very important to get the free samples.

Also, instead of offering a simple pack with a variety of products for house cleaning, health and beauty, samples will be offered at different times and may apprear while you’re browsing through the articles on the websites. P&G would like to offer samples that fit your needs and interest.

Please note that this is not live. But you need to register and browse through their website so that they can contact you if you waulify for a specific sampling offer.


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