10 Tips you should absolutely know for your own safety!

Online shopping can be dangerous if you are not aware of certain things. Many hackers and cyber-criminals can steal your credit card information while you are shopping online. This can lead to identity or data theft, which will create many problems that no one wants to deal with.

When you are buying things online, make sure to follow these tips.

Prefer shopping at home or using a secure connection. Public hotspots should not be used for this matter.

Only shop from websites with https:// in their address. This will prove that surfing on these websites is secure.

This one is a no-brainer, but make sure to use complex passwords that contain letters, numbers and characters. Please, don’t use 123456789.

Try finding a security padlock on the site (SSL).

Make sure you have an Anti-virus software that is up-to-date. Also, install ad-block on your browser so you don’t have ads popping up all the time. E-commerce website are full of them! Some of these ads contain malware and spywares.

Prefer shopping online with a credit card, instead of a debit card.

Prefer famous or widely used e-commerce website like Amazon, eBay or Aliexpress.

Always read the customers’ reviews beforehand so you know more about the quality of the product you are buying.

Use a secure payment method and make sure to learn the website’s policy when it comes to refunds and returns.


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