11 DIY Ideas For Recycling Old Wool Sweaters!

Do you have an old wool sweater and you don’t want to throw it away ? Give it another life by recycling it!

Here are some great DIY projects ideas for you to try!

1. Recycled Dog Sweater


2. Knitting Basket

Knitting Basket

3. Sweater bag

Sweater Bag

4. Fingerless Mittens

Fingerless Mittens

5. Sweater Bangles

Sweater Bangle

6. Endless Scarf

Endless Scarf

7. Sweater Sleeve Cozie

Sweater Sleeve Cozie

8. Upcycled Sweater Wreath

Upcycled Sweater Wreath

9. Wine Wrap

Wine Wrap

10. Hot Water Bottle Cozt

Hot Water Bottle Cozy

11. Homemade Dog Bag

Homemade Dog Bed

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