3 easy steps to remove tartar from your teeth

Visiting the dentist is not so fun.

Even if  you find that scaling is expensive, it is very important to keep your teeth healthy and white.

If you can not afford session at the dentist, here is our alternative.

In a small clean container, mix 1 tbsp. of baking food and ½ tsp. of salt.

Dip your toothbrush in hot water, and then in the mixture prepared in the previous step.

Brush your teeth, spit and repeat this for 5 minutes.

Mix ½ cup (125ml) of warm water with 1 glass of hydrogen peroxide, and rinse your mouth with this solution for 1 minute. Spit again, and rinse with ½ cup (125ml) of cold water.

Repeat this treatment once a week only and for 1 month (no more).

Warnings: Do not swallow the solution of peroxide and rinse your mouth thoroughly.

This is not recommended for children.

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