4 Steps To Start Using Coupons Correctly!

We are in March but this doesn’t stop you from starting to apply your new year’s resolutions! If getting your finances in order is one of your priorities, then the first step to make is to set up a budget and an emergency fund. Click here to figure out how!

But you have to be aware that this budget is going to be highly consumed by your groceries, besides your mortgage payments and you family charges. But you can cut the cost and the stress with an extremely helping concept: Couponing!

You won’t believe how much money you will save with this very easy way. Here are 4 steps to get you there :)

Where to find coupons:


You will simply find them in Canadian Savers coupons section! On a much more serious note, you can find the best coupons under:

Printable coupons: The kind of coupons that needs to be printed and presented to your cashier at checkout. You can find several printable coupons from different sources here.

Mail coupons: Coupons you claim from trusted websites, such as Save.ca or webSaver.ca that arrive directly in your mail box after a delivery awaiting time. It consists in grocery coupons that you can use in order to save on your regular grocery shopping.

Coupons codes: That you can use for your online shopping as well as promo codes. This a great way to save a lot of money if you are keen on online purchases.

Mail-in rebates: This is a great alternative to get your money back by simply filling in a form and send it back with a purchase receipt.

When to use coupons:


You have to choose the most convenient moment to enjoy your coupon and get the most out of it. You can follow these few steps to make sure you get the biggest bang or your cash:

Watch for a sale: Using your coupons during sales period is the ultimate way to big saving. Just wait for this to happen.

Check out the sales cycles: Be aware of sales cycles and jump on them. They run about 8-12 weeks. You can also watch for holidays and big events sales to use your coupons.

How to use coupons:


First of all, you should ask if your local grocery store accepts all the coupons that you kept stocking.

Try also to use take advantage of some savings opportunities to use your coupons the best, such as double coupons, stacking store coupons, and coupons match-ups.

Stock up your items:


It is very important to stock up items that are already on sale. This will help you control your bill or even cut it.

Last but for sure not least, it’s necessary to not turn your place into a little market using coupons and stocking up. Try to organize your items by date and on 3 or 4 shelves not more. That’s all you will have to do. Good luck! :)

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