Those 4 Winter Accessories Every Man Should Have!

As a married women I can tell that accessories are not a typical staple of the menswear wardrobe, but yet again, an exception has to be made for the cold winter months, during which accessories can be the most if not the only effective solution to battle these freezing months!

Here is my selection for the warmest yet most stylish winter accessories that every man should own! ;)

1. A real warm scarf

The question doesn’t even have to be asked ! A scarf is the item that will keep you warm during hard winter cold days, apart from any warm coat or wool clothes you’re wearing.


2. A pair of gloves

The choice is easily made: It’s either you choose to go with leather, or wool. Those are the only textiles that would keep you warm for real. Forget about cotton that won’t be comfy especially when it gets wet.


3. A hat

An old wives tale says that you lose most of your heat through your head! That can be true as far as your head and ears become very cold in the whipping wind.


4. Warm wool socks

We all know that feet are the part of our body that is most affected by cold. I know & have experienced that moment when I couldn’t feel my feet anymore. The only solution to this issue is warm wool socks that will keep your feet toasty & warm even during the coolest of temps!


You might complain that this kind of socks are too thick or itchy, but let me tell you that the benefit of wool socks goes beyond these downsides! Try them and you’ll see how happy your body will be :)




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