5 products to avoid and 6 to buy at Costco!

Costco is one of those stores that seem to have everything you need. While there are some items that you should definitely buy at this store, there are items you’d better buy elsewhere.

Here are the 5 things that are not worth the price:

Paper-based products: rolls of toilet paper and paper towels or paper plates. You can get them at big box stores at a special price, much cheaper than at Costco stores.

CD’s, DVD’s and books: you can get them online on websites like Amazon. They can offer you a larger and cheaper choice.

Condiments and sunscreen: these are products that have a short shelf life. We often think that buying them in large quantities (big bottles) is a great thing to do to save money. However, you can get a better and cheaper product elsewhere.

Laundry Detergents: Laundry detergents lose potency and efficiency when they exceed a period of 6 months.

Baby diapers: These products are cheaper on the Amazon website or in big box stores like warehouse stores.

You know that Costco is your best choice for storing bulk items and amazing snacks, but look a little further and you’ll find even more awesome products to buy there. We dug a little deeper and discovered some of the hidden gems that the discount hypermarket offers.

These 6 things are really worth it:

Roast chicken and meats: The meats are top quality and their prices are very affordable in Costco. You can save a few hundred dollars in the long run.

Kitchen appliances: kitchen appliances such as microwave ovens, food processors have a lower price at Costco.

Gift cards: you can get non-perishable products such as gift cards in bulk, they will be cheaper. Their price is reduced to more than 15 or 20% than in other surfaces.

Vegetables and frozen dishes: you will find a wide choice of these products and their prices are very affordable at Costco.

Prescription Painkillers: Prescription drugs have a lower price at Costco than at a pharmacy.

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