5 signs that prove your Child is a Genius

More than just a high intelligence quotient (IQ), a genius is illustrated by his ability to produce something highly original.

Generally, geniuses are part of history in view of their contribution in a field of creativity or leadership.

Today we are giving you 11 signs that prove a child is a genius:

Advanced memory
Early signs of genius include unusual and advanced memory compared to children of their age. They remember better the little details, the faces and the things around them. Their memory paves the way for better learning and creativity.

An insatiable curiosity
These children are more curious because they feel the constant need to learn. Thus, they constantly ask questions and explore the things around them.

A different emotional capacity
Unlike other children, little geniuses are very sensitive and whimsical. They are at times very calm and sometimes very agitated. Their emotional state indicates their mental concentration or agitation that makes them think.

A passion for music
They develop a passion for the latter, either by listening to it or by playing it. It gives them deep feelings and helps them develop their creativity.

A richer vocabulary
In contrast to children using simple words to describe their day, for example, early geniuses will use complex words, which they will have heard in an adult conversation or read in a book. Thus, in view of their curiosity, they seek to understand the meaning of the word and do not hesitate to use it in their vocabulary.

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