6 foods that you should avoid to have a beautiful and clear skin.

What you eat is very important because it affects your skin and your overall health. While some foods and nutrients can give you a healthy glow, others can lead to premature aging, rashes and puffiness. Here is a list of foods that you should avoid to keep a healthy and beautiful skin.


The experts say that red meat contains a high level of carnitine that can harden the walls of blood vessels, causing premature aging. You should definitely eat less red meat and limit your intake to one or two servings per week to keep a beautiful and healthy skin.


Salt is not good for the skin because it causes swelling of the tissues and aggravates acne problems. It also makes your eyes look puffy and tired. Therefore, always check your consumption of salt and processed food that contain too much of it. Try to replace it with Himalayan salt, which is a healthier alternative.


Sugar is the worst when it comes to skin health. It speeds up the creation of wrinkles and makes the skin look unhealthy due to collagen and elastin damage. When you crave something sweet, try to add honey to your drinks or consume fruits instead of processed sugars. There are also other healthy alternatives like stevia to sweeten up your cakes or deserts.


Unhealthy fats in fried foods contain free radicals that can clog your skin’s pores. Instead, choose to include healthy fats in your diet such as avocado, and olive oil. They will keep you full and satisfied.


Caffeine will dehydrate your skin severely because it is a diuretic. This also means that it can increase the production of cortisol. More cortisol means a faster aging process, which will make the skin look thinner and very unhealthy. Try to drink less coffee and get more sleep during nighttime to stop feeling tired during the day.


Alcohol dehydrates your body severely. This extremely affects your skin, as your body metabolizes all the water it receives before it has the chance to reach your skin. If you drink, make sure you only have a couple drinks per week so it does not affect your skin’s health and beauty.

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