7 things that Men Like about Women

It is difficult to say exactly what attracts men to women, because the reasons are multiple and it is not always the physical beauty that attracts them. What are these little things that men love about women? This is what we discover in this article!

1. intelligence
The physical appearance of a woman is very important for a first meeting, because it is what arouses the interest of the man, but once the approximation carried out, the intelligence and the intellect become a factor very important in the seduction of a man. Indeed, a smart woman often attracts men by her wit, foresight and knowledge of her true worth.

2. Respect
Respect is paramount for a man in a relationship and it is a characteristic that all men find appealing to women.

3. friendliness
The reason for a man’s love for his wife can be his kindness and the warmth he gives to their relationship. Her warm behavior with others, her respect and kind treatment to everyone can be very important factors in seducing a man.

4. Calmness
For a man, going out with the queen of drama means a lot of gossip, impulsive decisions, conversations and emotional arguments. Being with a calm person promotes understanding and communication in a couple. Men prefer a woman who knows how to stay calm and relaxed.

5. Attention
Attention to detail and being benevolent is a quality that attracts men and women. Most women have this quality, but few show it, and a man is often very attracted to a woman’s benevolence.

6. Cleanliness
The beauty goes beyond makeup and a beautiful haircut. The fact that a woman is clean and cares for her is a pull factor for men. The latter prefer women who smell good and who take care of their body than a women who puts a lot of makeup.

7. Authenticity
In today’s world, everyone is trying to display a perfect life on social media, but a man is looking for a genuine woman who does not try to pretend or show what she’s not . It is a difficult quality to find, but extremely attractive once discovered.


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