Contests : 8 Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Winning !

We all love contests, but the question is, can we really win them?

A lot of people avoid entering contests because they are convinced they will never get the chance to win, it’s a matter of luck according to them. But what if I told you that luck isn’t the master word in wining contests? There are a lot of factors that define weather or not you have a chance to win. I’ve made a list of tips and advises that will help you win fantastic prizes :)

1. Define your interests :


If you browse the contest categories and listings, you will notice that there are several contests that you won’t be able to enter, because they are simply not suiting you. Here, you have to focus your efforts on prizes and contests that you are craving to win. Define what interests you the most and don’t waste your time entering contests with prizes you don’t need.

2. Rise your chances by entering as much as allowed:


Whether with a daily, weekly or a monthly drawing, these kind of contests give you the chance to enter as much as you can. This emphasizes your chance to be the lucky winner, so keep trying as long as you are allowed to.

3. Look for contests that have limited state entries :


Because of some particular governing contests rules, some states in Canada and USA are put aside and contests are not open to their residents. Take advantage of this situation and look for contests where the entry is not restricted for people living in your area. This will increase your chances to win.

4. Choose contests according to age or gender :


Sometimes, you can find yourself in front of contests rules that restrict entry to people under a certain age, or of a specific gender. Let me tell you that if you are above 25 years old, your odds increase as you don’t have a lot of competition left. If you’re a woman, you will only have to worry about competitors with same gender J

5. Go for short entry periods :


As a contestant, you have to be aware that the longer the contest entry period is, the more competition you will get. That’s the main reason why you should go for contests with a short period entry, as a week or two. People tend to overlook contests with prizes available on a limited time only, don’t waste this opportunity and cut down the competition!

6. Highlight difficult contests :


Focus on those contests where you have to provide information (surveys and long forms), or where you have to answer some general questions, write some recipes or provide DIY steps. It’s the kind of contests that slow you down. You should know that other entrants were in the same situation, and guess what, they gave up! Don’t let yourself being frustrated. Instead, go for it as your chances to win will be higher.

7. The more you get to win, the better it is :


The best contests are those that provides a LOT of prizes. It’s completely logical because if you get to win 100 prizes that means that you have the odds to enter 100 and at least win once!

8. Stay away from highly advertised contests :


This kind of contests is seen and entered by a lot of people, which means that your chances to win will decrease. A contest that is advertised everywhere (in TV, in newspapers, on internet) is attractive and everybody take the bait. Don’t be one of them and avoid these contests.

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