8 Tips to Stick to Your Budget!

So we’ve talked about how you can save money, now I want to give you a few tips on how you can easily stick to your budget:

  1. Make a list. When you go shopping, be it for groceries, clothes, or anything else, it’s much easier to take a list of all the things you need with you. Otherwise, you will end up buying products you don’t need and spending more money than you expected.
  2. Never use your credit card. Unless absolutely necessary, your credit card shouldn’t come out of your house. Actually, it shouldn’t even come out of a box, inside your drawer, inside your closet, in your bedroom!
  3. Use cash as often as you can. This goes hand in hand with #2. The point of using cash is that you feel the money coming out of your pockets. You know that you are paying a certain amount for a certain products.
  4. Never shop for food while you’re hungry. Speaking out of personal experience, whenever I go to the grocery store hungry, I end up buying almost double of what I intended to buy in the beginning! It’s actually true that our eyes eat too ;)
  5. Throughout the month, keep a journal or a log of where you spend your money. At the end of the month, gather all those expenses to see where most of it went.
  6. Always ask yourself “Do I need this?” How often do you buy something just to have it end up in the back of your closet (if it’s something to wear) or end up spoiling (if it’s something to eat)? Make sure you buy only the things you need and the ones you’re going to use. Don’t waste ;)
  7. Don’t throw away leftovers. When you make a meal, make sure you make the quantity you are going to consume. It’s a shame to throw away perfectly good food just because you’re full. In case there are leftovers, simply put them in a box in the fridge, so you can eat them later one when you feel hungry.
  8. Don’t waste electricity. Don’t leave all the lights in your home switched on, when nobody is using them. Why would you do that anyway? A friend of mine used to do it; she would turn on the living room light, the TV, the computer, leave it all on, then go to her bedroom stay for a while, and go to the bathroom, look at herself in the mirror, leave the bathroom light on, and go to the kitchen to make dinner…At the end of the month, she would always complain how her bill is too high! You get the idea ;)

Now tell me, how do you go about sticking to your budget?


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