Avoid putting these 12 aliments in your fridge, they react badly to the cold!

Some foods are poorly preserved in the fridge, contrary to what we think. Therefore, it is advisable to store them at room temperature.

Hot sauces should be stored in your pantry so they do not weaken the pungency and keep the same texture.

Never put the apples in a fridge if you want them to stay crisp, put them outside on your vegetable garden and if you have a large quantity, keep them in a cold room.

Moisture invades bread and pastry, which gives them a yeasty taste.

Potatoes can not stand the cold in the fridge because they turn the starch into sugar, which destroys their flavor and texture.

Never put the onions in the fridge, put them in your closet or in your vegetable garden.

Similarly, garlic reacts badly in the fridge, because the cold accelerates the germination and kills the taste. Keep it in an ambient temperature.

Spices have no taste or flavor when stored in the fridge.

Coffee beans are poorly preserved in a fridge as they become wet and lose their flavor. Put them in a well closed box protected from light and dry.

The oils lose their smooth texture in the fridge, so it would be better to keep them at room temperature. On the other hand, if it is nut oil or if you prepare flavored oils; put them in the fridge.

Honey is better preserved on the vegetable garden, because it crystallizes in the fridge.

Tomatoes are better preserved in a place with ambient air, because in the fridge, the tomato loses its taste and becomes less juicy.

Hard stone fruits such as plums and peaches will lose their juicy property if you put them in the fridge.

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