Chanel launches its first bottles of wine

Is it possible to get a wine from of Chanel?

Chanel is not only involved in the fashion and clothing industry, but now produces rosé and white wine.

For a few months now, Chanel has been wanting to get into the wine industry.

In October 2019, Chanel bought the 32-hectare Domaine de l’Île winery on the island of Porquerolles in the south of France. This certified organic estate allows the cultivation of a pure Provencal wine.

Under the direction of Nicolas Audebert, head of Chanel’s wine departments at Château Rauzan-Ségla in Margaux and Châteaux Canon and Berliquet in Saint-Emilion, Chanel has been able to produce two organic wines: a white and a rosé.

According to a press release from the estate: “Rosés and whites are born here between land and sea. Carefully selected, the traditional Mediterranean grape varieties express all the singularity and insularity of the place. They bear the seal of a commitment to create wines with unique southern accents. Wines of sunshine and full wind, from which escape the freshness of the sea spray and the strength of a land of character”.

The estate is located in a well isolated area where the vines and olive trees are well protected from the salty sea air.

Chanel gives you great promises and assures you will not be disappointed!

Rosé wine:

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The flavor is seductive, a blend of tree-picked melon with red fruits. On the palate, this wine makes you think of the serenity of the island.

White wine:

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This wine is exceptional with its magical formula that ensures a sensation of freshness. It has an enriching aroma and white fruit flavor with a floral nuance that makes you dream and live in two different taste worlds.

This Chanel white wine is rich and represents the maritime culture of the island.

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