Chocolate Lasagna Recipe

Lasagna Lovers ! I’m pretty sure you would fall in love with this recipe just as I did after I found it on werecallingshenanigans ! We’re all used making the usual lasagna , but this chocolate lasagna will help you impress everyone around you !

You will need :

  • a package of chocolate pudding mix
  • cream cheese icing.
  • Cool Whip
  • a package of Oreos
  • chocolate chips
  • butter

First , throw a good number of Oreos into a ziplock bag. And crush them up with your hand , hammer or any other object.

Spread the crushed Oreos on the bottom of a cake pan.

If you want a harder crust, drizzle melted butter over the Oreo layer and toast it in a 350 degree oven for a few minutes.

Add the cream cheese icing on top of the Oreos.

Spread the layer of icing evenly. It’s easier to do this by dotting the icing all over the Oreo layer and using a spoon fill in the holes.

For the pudding ; add another layer of Oreos, and cool whisp afterwards

Finally, top it off with mini chocolate chips.



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