Companies That Will Mail You Canada Coupons for Free

Not everyone has a printer at home, that’s why there are a few companies that are willing to mail you Canada coupons for free!

Instead of contacting manufacturers one by one, the following websites gather a whole bunch of useful coupons for you. It wouldn’t hurt to browse through what’s already available first, and then, if you don’t find that one particular product coupon that you are looking for, you can contact the brand directly and ask them if they provide coupons.

First up, Websaver:

On average, you can find around 20 coupons available, sometimes more, sometimes less.

What I do like about Websaver, though, are the hidden portals; these are basically “special” link where you can find additional coupons, which are not found on the home page. These portals are mostly separated by brand. For instance, on the “Kellogg’s hidden portal,” you will find coupons exclusively for Kellogg’s products.

In order to start ordering your coupons, you will need to register. You can order a maximum of 32 coupons at once, and you will need a minimum of 3 coupons to place an order. You can request the same coupon once every 45 to 60 days.

It takes 5 to 7 days for your coupons to arrive by mail.

On the homepage, you can find around 20 coupons visible is very similar to Websaver, in terms of hidden portals. The same concept applies; a lot of brands make their coupons available through “special” links that may only be accessed through the designated source. coupons look just like the ones found on magazines, because they are printed on the same quality paper and mailed to your home, so you shouldn’t find a problem using them at the cash register (unless the store in question refuses the use of coupons).

You can expect to receive your coupons in a couple of day.

P&G BrandSaver:

Unlike Websaver and, BrandSaver updates its coupon page a few times a year with new savings. This is perfect for the folks that use P&G brands such as Bounty, Cascade, CoverGirl, Herbal Essences, Head & Shoulders, Gillette, etc.

Just like the previous websites, BrandSaver will allow you to select a maximum of 32 coupons per order and there should be no less than 4 coupons to place it. You will be able to order the same coupon once per offer period, which is (most of the time) 60 days.

Also, you are allowed to place one coupon request per mailing address per offer period.

BrandSaver also provides articles and tips on beauty, health, pets, shopping, and more!


This coupon site is much smaller than the others, providing less than 10 coupons on average. A lot of their discounts are for brands like Royale tissues, Arctic Gardens, IOGO Yogurt, Yoplait, etc.

What I like about Gocoupons is that their coupons are larger than the other sites, making the fine print much clearer and most visible.

You are allowed select a minimum of 3 coupons per order, and if you’d like to request the same coupon more than once, you have to wait 7 days.

You can find nice recipes and contests too, not just coupons ;)

There you go: a list of the most trusted companies that will mail you coupons for free! I’m sure that many of you will be familiar with them, so feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below :)

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