Cool Clay Pot Lighthouse!

Want simple yet cool craft project to work on in your free time? Want to give your garden a nautical theme or put a lighthouse near a pool? Well this one is probably for you. This craft project is very easy to make and can give your garden a totally new look. The idea is to make a clay pot lighthouse from terra cotta clay pots.

Here is what you will need to do and to have to make one:

  • 4 clay pots (1 large, 1 medium, 1 small, 1 extra small)
  • 2 clay saucers, small
  • Outdoor acrylic paint in your choice of colours
  • Permanent adhesive
  • Glass votive holder
  • Flameless battery-operated tea light
  • Paint brushes

What you will need to do is basically:

1)    Before you start make sure you clean the 4 clays using a piece of cloth to remove any dirt

2)     Take the largest pot first and place it upside down then apply some adhesive on the outer rim. After that place the medium pot on top of it. Repeat this step with the small clay pot, attaching it to the medium one with adhesive.

3)    Now that you have your pots forming a tower apply some adhesive onto the rim of the saucer and the one of a smaller clay pot.

4)    Place a glass votive holder in the saucer on top of the lighthouse, and put a flameless battery-operated tea light in it. Cover the votive holder with the cap from the last step

5)    Now it’s time for your artistic skills to kick in. Paint your pots using your favourite colours (mine is red and white) be creative and do some windows or door on your object.

6)    Allow your clay pot lighthouse to dry for at least 12 hours—your lighthouse is complete!
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