COVID-19 Self-isolation: Three FUN Games to Play over Video Chats

Thanks to social media platforms and Mobile Applications, we can still enjoy seeing one another virtually, regardless of the social distancing restrictions. As games represent a big part of the activities we were used to back when gatherings were not forbidden, we can still think of playing some just by video chatting. Here are some fun games that you can play in distance with your family and friends during the quarantine period.

Drink Talk Learn – Perhaps one of the easiest games ever, Drink Talk Learn is very simple and straightforward. To play, each person starts by presenting a topic they are passionate about and talking about it for a while. Then, after the person finishes, the rest should also talk about the same topic for three minutes (through screen-sharing of course) and say a few words about it. Once everybody is done presenting his/her part, the group can vote for a winner, which is either the person who was convincing the most or the one who has arguments different than the rest.

Storytelling I Spy – To start this game, each person should select an object in his/her house and start telling stories about it and about the way they got it, without mentioning what it is. Once a person is done telling his/her story, the rest of the group should guess what item he or she was describing/talking about. The higher the drama level in the storytelling, the higher the suspense, and the better the game.

Scavenger Hunt – This game is one of the funniest ones! Although most of us are used to play it together, we can still enjoy it virtually through the use of Zoom for example. You can first invite everybody to join in the video call or the Zoom meeting, then come up with a Scavenger Hunt list, along with highlighting the rules of the game. Everyone needs to turn on their cameras, so as the host is able to see who arrived first. After that, pick the time that is allocated for each player to find the object in their houses. Keep in mind that the less time you have, the better the game! Let the show begin!

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