DIY: Build A Living Wall

Living walls are now being widely used by a lot of people. They are very useful when it comes to decorating and giving a unique look to your gardens. They are also very helpful when it comes to improving indoor air, absorbing noise, and increasing energy efficiency. The good thing about these living walls is that they are inexpensive and can be built without any professional help. What you will need to make this is the following: 

Five 8′ lengths of 1″x4″ Cedar Planks

Two 8′ lengths of 1″x2″ Cedar Planks

Seven 8′ lengths of 1″x6″ Cedar Planks

Hammer and Finishing Nails

Drill Driver and Wood Screws

Wood Glue and Potting Soil

Plants for your Planter Boxes

Saw, 3″ Wood & Plastic Carbide Wheel, 3″ Wood & Plastic Flush Cut Wheel, and a Miter Guide

Now the instructions on how to do it:

Start by the cutting part; follow the pictures. Cut (3) 8′ long 1″ x 4″ pieces (FRAME), cut (1) 57″ long 1″ x 4″ piece (TOP FRAME), cut (1) 45″ long 1″ x 4″ piece (BOTTOM FRAME)


After that cut various lengths below of 1″ x 2″ pieces (BOX SUPPORTS) as shown in the picture.



Now for the boxes that are going to support your plants you need to cut various lengths below of 1″ x 6″ pieces (6 PLANTER BOXES)



Once you are done cutting all your pieces, miter the edges at a 45° angle to give a decorative touch to your planter box supports. Try also to miter cut the front edge of each side panel at a 90º angle to add a finished touch to them.

livingwall4 livingwall4


Now it’s time for assembling your planter boxes. To do this, lay out first your box pieces and using the wood glue start applying it to the joints and secure them with finishing nails.


Now that you need to assemble your trellis, secure your first trellis piece to your workbench and then lay out all the pieces front side down and mark your pre-drill spots for each piece. After that start securing your boxes using wood screws.


The last step is to secure each of the six boxes to the trellis from behind. Use wood screws to do so.


Voila, congratulations you’ve just built a living wall!

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