DIY: Cat Deli Canapés

If you’re craving a deli sandwich here is a cute way to make some! Entertain you kids with these easy yummy cat deli canapés!

To make 5 cat deli canapés, you will need:

– 10 slices of bread of your choice

– 5 slices deli of your choice

– 2 tbsp of mayonnaise

– 5 slices low-fat cheese

To decorate: 

– 5 olives

– 1 tomato

– Small chives


Cut the bread as shown on the picture. It’s very easy, you’ll just have to adjust the bread in a cat ears shape.

Place the shaped bread slices on a plate and spread 1 tbsp of mayonnaise on the five bread slices. Add deli, low-fat cheese and the last shaped bread slices.

Now, it’s time to decorate your canapés and make them look like cute little cats!

Spread one more tsp mayonnaise on the bread.

Take 5 olives and cut each one right in the middle. Place the two parts on the cat-shaped bread to make eyes.

Cut your tomato into small triangle-shaped wedges and deposit them on the bread. These will be the noses!

Then to finish, add the small chives right below the tomato noses. You just made your cat mustaches!

Ta-da! Enjoy your cat deli canapés!

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