DIY Cupcake Stand from Cardboard

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Because your cupcakes deserve a nice and stylish stand, I’m sharing this simple and fun DIY project found on Oh Happy Day blog  to add a  final touch to your cupcakes!  This idea is about making cupcake stand from cardboard.  The project is very easy and useful when having a party either at your own place or at a friend’s house.
Plus this, it’s inexpensive and  does not require a lot of time. Here are the things you will need when creating a cupcake stand:

  • Cutting board
  • Matte board color of your choice
  • Spray paint
  • X-acto knife
  • Metal ruler for cutting

The steps to be followed when making a stand cupcakes:
The first thing you should start with is creating the design for the cupcakes stand then using the X-acto knife cut out the 5 parts as show in the picture.

After you have all the parts neatly cut out, start assembling them together.

Commence by putting part 2 on top of part 1 and then stacking part 4 on top of the stand and sliding it down to the bottom rung.



After that add part 5 by sliding too down and finally add the last part (part 3) at the top rung!

Your final task is to spray the stand using the spray paint to give it that shiny look!



Let it dry for some time and there you go! Your cupcakes’ stand is all ready!

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