DIY : Dimensional Paper Lanterns!

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If you are keen on subdued light, then these lanterns are perfect for your place!

I personally love candles and I’ve always wondered and struggled to find the perfect holders. Since what’s on the market is a bit out of my taste, I’ve decided to look for some DIY and found my happiness online! I wanted to share these amazing ideas with you so that you try them at home too!

So here are 3 dimensional paper that I’ve selected for you. They are easy and very original!

Materials & tools:

– Glass with straight sides, such as cylinders or cubes

– White paper

–¬†Vellum paper

– “Silhouette Portrait” machine. You can use an X-Acto knife instead.

– Double sided tape

– & candles for sure!

If you don’t have time to make your own templates, you can use these ones already created, and simply adjust them to your candle holders

Click here to get your FREE template

Instructions :



After cutting your flowers by hand your using Silhouette Portrait machine, simply fold these petals up so the blossoms become 3 dimensional. As this pattern is a bit more intricate, you’ll need to use a spatula or a butter knife in order to life off your petals yet without the cutting mat.


If you’d like to have a colored light shining through, please tape some colored vellum before taping the paper on your glass.



Ta-dah, you’re almost done!

The last step is for sure, to light the candles! Enjoy the shining subdued light!

You can notice that the vellum paper helps to give a warm & golden color to the candle light. I personally fell in love with the purple one I used because it turns to a smooth and soft pink, and I LOVE pink! :)

I hope you liked these ones and I’m looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your own projects!

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Enjoy crafting ;)


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