DIY : Halloween Crafts – Make your OWN bats and ghosts!

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Would you like to entertain your kids this fall ? Well, here is a DIY to make Halloween bats and leaves!

First, you need to get the materials to make this:

– Egg cartons

– Scissors

– Black paint

– Paintbrush

– Googly eyes

– Tree leaves

– Glue and ribbon


Now, cut out 3 cups from an egg carton. Then the bottoms of the 2 outside cups and make them look like bat wings!

The next step is so easy and here is the best part for your kids. Paint the cartons with the color of your choice. My nieces find it very scary to paint them balck!

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The last step was to glue the googly eyes after the paint was finally dry. It takes 2 to 3 hours to be ready. Then my nieces glued some ribbon on the top of each bat so we could hang them for Halloween! We also painted the leaves white and drew eyes and horrific mouth after they were dry.

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Ta-daaa! Your Halloween crafts are ready!



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