DIY : Homemade Flavoured Soaps!

Do you have some leftovers in the fridge that you don’t want to throw away even if they are not made to be eaten? Well why don’t you transform these to an useful house item: a soap!

Yes, a homemade soap that you can do by yourself. And trust me it won’t take much time!


  • Pure glycerin soap
  • Fruits (I chosed Strawberry)
  • Herbs (I took Mint)
  • And a zest from the flesh of citrus


Step 1: Cube pure Glycerin Soap and microwave taking 20 second intervals. Make sure to stire after each interval to make sure soap is completely melted. Important, don’t boil!


Step 2: Make a strawberry, mint, zest of citrus purees. Divide the soap equally among three empty containers and add 1 spoon of each ingredient at a time until you obtain the desired amount and color.


Step 3: Spray the inside of empty jello boxes, muffin tins, or any small glass/plastic container with vegetable spray. Pour mixed soap into containers. Spray rubbing alcohol on the top of each soap to remove air bubbles.


Allow soaps to harden for 2 hours. You may need to place the molds (soap still intact) in the freezer to help pry the soap loose. The silicone muffin pan popped right out without any problems! Use soap within 3 months.



Credits to Pink Pistachiou


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