DIY: Hot Pad made with Stones

Are you willing to make something cool out of some normal stones, something fancy but still inexpensive!! Then you should do what I did and make a wonderful hot pad with stones! This can be made for decoration or to place things on it so whatever you choose should be fine! This project could be a good one for you kids too (above 10 preferably) because you give them a space where they get to be creative and make something useful! The materials used for this project are the following:

  • Rocks (the flatter the better)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Sheets of Felt
  • Pot Lid to Trace

Now to make this awesome hot pad you should do the following:

  • Using a lid try to try to trace and then cut your sheet of felt into the size and shape you want (Mine is circular) after that, tape it to the grip and cut.
  • Now that you are done, you get to the part where you will need to glue the rocks.
  •  As I said before, try to choose rocks that are about the same height, this way you will have a smooth hot pad.
  •  Then start gluing the rocks one by one.
  • Let everything dry for at least three hours. And then you are ready to go!

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