DIY Infinity Scarf with a Knitting Loom

Want to learn a new skill that will teach you how to be patient and creative at the same time? Want to make some really amazing craft during your free time instead of sitting on the couch and doing nothing? Well, how to make an infinity scarf using a knitting loom is the thing for you! Knitting is not always for grandmas but it’s for everybody who wants to make good use of their free time by learning something new. Plus knitting is stress relieving, so why don’t you give it a try!! All you need to make an infinity scarf using a knitting loom is:

  • A rectangular knitting loom
  • loom hook or crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • Yarn

Now how to do it!

  • Start by making a slip knot and place it around peg X, and leave 5 inches of yarn so you can weave it back through once finished. Take again the yarn across to peg one.
  • Next, wrap your yarn clockwise around peg one and try to take it across to peg two.
  • This time wrap the yarn anti clockwise around peg two and take across to peg three
  • Repeat this figure 8 pattern until you get to the desired width of your scarf.
  • Now that you wrapped the final even numbered peg, bring the yarn back in between the last two odd prongs you used.
  • The next step is to push the yarn down on each wrapped peg so that the loops are at the base
  • Create a second loop of yarn around the last even numbered peg by wrapping the yarn anti clock. Please note that your last even peg will only have one layer
  • Wrap the yarn clockwise around the second last even numbered peg and take across to the second last odd numbered peg.
  • Continue the figure 8 pattern all the way to the where you began.
  • Once you get back to the end, take the yarn across between peg 2 and 4 and hold.
  • Now lift the bottom yarn loop over the top one, working down one side of pegs and then the other by using the loom hook. Begin wrapping again from left to right
  • Continue this process for every peg, except for the your last even peg (since it only has one loop)
  • Now that you’re left with one layer of yarn loops at the top, push them down again on each wrapped peg so the loops are at the base. Go on doing this until you reach your desired length.
  • Remove your slip knot created in step one after doing couple of rows.
  • Cut the wrapping yarn off leaving a few inches once you’ve got the desired length and there is only one loop around each peg
  • Then start at the end opposite to the yarn tail by using a crochet hook and lift the loop off the odd numbered peg onto the crochet hook.
  • Go to the even numbered peg and lift that loop off onto the loom hook as well. There will now be two yarn loops on the loom hook.
  • Then start by pulling the first loop over the second one.
  • Repeat this all the way down the loom until you reach the end. Pull the wrapping yarn through the last loop with the loom hook, pull snugly and weave the remaining yarn into the finished project.
  • Now that you are done, attach both ends together using a flat seam and your knitting needle. And you are ready to put this beautiful scarf around your neck and show it off to your friends and family!!

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