DIY Log Planter

Are you looking for some new ideas to add more interest to your garden and give it a unique look! Well, don’t worry because you don’t need lots of money to do so. I am sure this DIY project will make your friends and family think Oh, this garden looks beautiful; how did they do this. The idea is very simple; it is about making a cute planter from a log tree. The good thing about these log planters is that they are part of the Eco system which gives your landscape an even prettier look.

Here are some tools that you will need if you want to make one:

Chain Saw,

Wood Chisel Set,

Safety Hard Hat,

Eye Goggles,

Pole Chain Saw,

Work Gloves,

Hammer Drill,

Curved Blade Saw


The first thing you need to do before starting work is to put all your safety tools on.

Then take your saw and leaving four inches of wood at each end, cut the parameter of the opening of your log planter.

After that try to cut some grooves within the parameter into the width of your tree log (this makes the removing of wood much easier)

By leaving four inches of wood in the bottom of the log, create a well for the garden using a wood chisel and a hammer.

Hollow out your trunk and start filling it 1/3 of it with soil then plant your desired flowers four inches deep from the top of the log.

The last step is to fill the rest of your log and make sure your flowers are well placed. Congratulations, your log planter is ready :D

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