DIY : How to make a 3D Gift Box Pop-up Card

Today, I’m sharing a very easy craft project that will help you make cute 3D gift box pop-up cards!

I’ve chosen pink and purple colours but you can definitely use different colours of cover paper and ornaments to create your own designs!

You’ll need: construction paper, patterned paper for cover, ribbon, scissors, ruler, office knife.

First, fold a white piece of paper in half and use the ruler to draw 3 different squares in the middle as shown on the picture :

  • 1st square : 2x 2cm
  • 2nd square : 3x3cm
  • 3rd square : 4x 4cm

Cut the square boxes you’ve drawn and use colouring paints to design them. The boxes should be in the following sizes:

  • 1st box : 4x2cm
  • 2nd box : 6x3cm
  • 3rd box : 8x4cm

Then fold the construction paper (the purple one) and draw the same square boxes in the middle. Cut only the horizontal sides and fix your constructive paper to the patterned one (the one you would like to use as a cover).

Then use the glue to fix the designed pieces of paper on your construction paper.

Add some ribbon to decorate.

You can now write your blessing on the card and send it to friends and relatives as a cute little handmade present ;)


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