DIY : Make a beautiful chandelier from plastic bottles

If you want to recycle your plastic bottles into beautiful household items, you should consider this creative craft project.

So, today I’m showing you how you can reuse plastic bottles to make a beautiful chandelier.

You’ll need:

  • coloful plastic bottles, ideally in green, light blue and brown
  • Soldering iron
  • LED lights
  • thin wire for the twigs
  • wire frame
  • scissors
  • knife

Cut bottles in varying sizes and shapes of leaves. If you don’t have colorful bottles, spray your transparent leaves in different colors a well-ventilated area and let dry. Use a soldering iron to treat your leaves.

Take your leaves and wire them, then secure them to the wire frame. Don’t forget to put a LED light bulb in it at the end. You’ll get a glowing decor for your room!



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