DIY – How to make beautiful garden stepping stones!

Wanna make beautiful mosaic stepping stones for your garden?? Here is an inexpensive way that won’t require much skill!

Put your safety glasses on. Place a plate or saucer in a bag and smash it with a hammer. Don’t forget to place your safety glasses on.

Repeat until you have different piece sizes. Then place your cake pan on your contact paper, trace it around and cut out the circle.

Remove baking and place inside pan sticky side up. Add the mosaic pieces (the desired design facing down). Press each piece so that its stucks to the paper and leave some space between the pieces.

Go outside, wear your dust mask and mix up your concrete according to the instructions on the bag. Cut a square piece of chicken wire or wore mesh to fit inside the stone. Line the inside rim of your pan with some vaseline.

Don your rubber gloves and spoon some concrete into your cake pan. Spread to cover your design. Place your piece of wire mesh onto the wet concrete. Spread another one inch layer of concrete over the wire.

Leave it for 2 days. Then turn it over and tap on the back of the cake pan to release it. Slowly remove contact paper.

Fill the hole (if there are any) with cement.

Enjoy your stepping stones! :)

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