DIY: Make Mittens from Sweaters in Minutes!


What better remedy for this cold weather than a hot pair of mittens ?

Here is a quick DIY project that will help you make your very own mittens… out of an unused old sweater! Yes! You heard me right! :)


You’ll need : 

  • A wool sweater
  • Marker
  • A pair of scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing needle & thread. Make sure to choose the matching color of the sweater
  • Buttons


Steps :

  • In order to start, make sure you sweater is turned inside-out & outline your hand using a marker, leaving 1cm between the outline and your hand.
  • Now with the use of a pair of scissors, cut out 1 inch above the shape. Put some straight pins along the outline to make the two parts of the sweater stuck together.
  • Then sew a simple stitch along the trace and make sure the button is still open & enough large for your hand to fit in.
  • You can now remove the pins & go on with cutting the wool’s excess.
  • To finish, turn the mitten inside-out and add some fancy decorations! You can choose buttons or embroidery floss!
  • Repeat the same steps from the beginning for the other mitten.
  • Ta-dah! Your pair of mittens is ready & set to!
  • For more details, you can watch the video below. Enjoy! :)


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