DIY : Origami flower

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Here is a new DIY tutorial that will show you how to decorate your home by hanging this Origami flower anywhere in your room or by placing it on the table.

You will need :

  • a couple sheets of colored paper;
  • some glue;
  • a pair of scissors;

Start by cutting the colored papers in squares.

Keep in mind that you will be making each flower separately, and afterwards you’ll glue them together to create the ball.

Take the squares and fold them diagonally and then Fold it again. Now create a kite shape with 2 triangles on its side, by unfolding the two sides of the paper.

Fold the triangle shapes in half and then create a cone shape and Secure with glue.

Make several cones and glue them together, until they form a flower.(5cone are needed to make the flower)

To make the ball, you will have to glue the flowers together.

Source : Goodshomedesign

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