DIY Paper Decorative Ballerina

I came across this cute paper ballerina DIY project from Stariy Chemodan’s blog and want to share it with you as I think this is a very beautiful piece of craft!.

So make the ballerinas, you’ll need:

  • flexible wire
  • multi wipes
  • Starch paste
  • Thread
  • Transparent fishing line
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • A fine needle

First, bend the flexible wire to form a sort of skeleton for your future ballerina. No need to make it detailed.

Dissociate your napkins to get different layers. Keep the white layers and leave the rest (coloured or patterned) for later.

Cut the white napkins into many small strips (around inch and a half length). Don’t use the scissors, only your hands.

Soak the wire skeleton in the starch paste then wrap it with paper strips.

You should have something similar to a a mummy.

Now, it’s time to work on the clothes.

Fold the napkin as if you’re going to cut out a snowflake (see attached image) then cut at the desired level. Make sure the lines are slightly rounded.

Fold this piece of paper in a clockwise direction to curl the “skirt”. Repeat this procedure to get different layers and make cute petticoats.

Make small holes for the heads and the hands.

Roll up the tread tight around the waist to get a tutu.

You can also hang your ballerinas using a transparent fishing line.


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