DIY Pencil Holder from Drinking Straws and Toilet Paper Roll!

Here is a great way to transform your drinking straws and toilet paper rolls into cute pencil holders. The idea may be not new but it’s definitely a creative one. To create these amazing pencil holders we will need the following:

  • Empty toilet paper roll;
  • Drinking straws;
  • Hot glue gun;
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Cardboard

What you need to do is: Take a large toilet paper Rolland glue a cardboard at its base and let dry. Trying to form squares cut the drinking straws. The beginning is always the toughest part to start with for this project. After you are done with this, apply glue on the toilet paper roll and place the twisted straws to cover the roll. Keep on going until you’ve covered the entire roll. Remember that you can use different colours for the drinking straws to give you pencil holder an even prettier look. Wait till everything is dry, place the pencil holder on your and put your pencils in it. Isn’t that just easy?!

Source: kenh14

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