DIY: Pretty Cucumber Carrot Garnish Flower

Are you willing to make something fantastic out of a simple cucumber? Would you like to surprise you family and show off your skills when it comes to salad garnishing? Well, if you answer yes to one of these questions then you are probably reading the right DIY project for you. The idea is very simple yet creative. It’s about how to carve out a beautiful flower out of a cucumber to use it to decorate your salad. Please follow the instructions in this tutorial and you will end up making the best cucumber flower ever!
• First cut almost 3 inches piece of cucumber. Remember that this method is very easy and almost anyone can do it.
• Use a sharp paring knife to mark the outer parts of the petals on the cucumber and then start peeling them with a vegetable peeler.
• Now peel the inner part of the cucumber as well.
• After that start hollowing out the center of the cucumber this you your flower starts to open up
• Using a kitchen scissors trim the edges of the petals to resemble a flower
• Now take a small round slice of carrot and start carving some patterns on it.
• Place the carrot in the center of the cucumber. Congratulations you’ve just made a pretty cucumber carrot garnish flower.

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