DIY Project : Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees!

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If you are getting ready for Christmas, and looking for a fun and easy project for your holiday decorations, then here is this DIY Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees project!

What you’ll need :

– Paper Mache Christmas Tree form

– Plastic spoons

– Spray paint

– Hot glue

Make sure you have enough spoons for this project, as you don’t want to run out of materiel in the middle of your process. Start by buying a bunch of spoons from Target or any other cheap store, then cut the tops off using a pair of scissors.



You will need to have about 100 top spoons cut. Face them down on a paper and spray them with a variety of different spray paints.

DSC_6766 DSC_7038


After they were all dry, begin gluing them onto the paper mache form starting at the bottom using hot glue.




Ta-dah! You’re done!


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