DIY: Pumpkin Pincushion

Make some pumpkins to hold your pins or just for decoration. Here’s a quick and easy pincushion shaped like a pumpkin project. You could use different fabric prints to make a patchwork version.
What you will need is the following:

1) fabric scraps

2) matching thread

3) brown embroidery floss

4) stuffing (poly fill or wool roving)

Now here is the instructions to follow to make a pincushion shaped like a pumpkin:

Pick two different patterned fabrics and cut two medium-sized circles as shown in the picture below.


Then using a  rotary cutter cut your two circles into four quarters each one.


To give your pincushion a more stylish touch try to swap the quarters you’ve just cut. Then with right sides together, sew two pieces together. This will form one half of the circle


Do this with the other circle to be attached to the one you’ve just got done with. (Repeat the same with the other fabric)

After that, sew the halves of each circle together and press seams flat. Leave 1.5 inch opening to use for stuffing. Then turn the piece right side out and fill the pumpkin with stuffing, spreading it evenly


Now that you have your pumpkin well stuffed, close the little opening you left for stuffing!

Pierce the center of the pumpkin from the bottom through the top center. (Use a long doll or embroidery needle and 24” of coordinating embroidery thread to do that)

Your next task is to wrap the thread over and around the pumpkin along the seam line between two fabric patterns as shown in the picture below.


After applying this to all the quarters of the pumpkin start dividing each quarter to complete the plump sections ending with the thread through the bottom. Pull the thread firmly and knot.

Now for the leaf, cut two pieces of green fabric, sew edges with right sides facing in and leave a small gap to turn out. After that turn the leaf out and machine stitch at the edges to secure.

The last step is to stick the “green” leaf along with a curled ribbon to your pumpkin. There you go your pumpkin pin cushion is done :D


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