DIY : Recycled Bottle Hanging Vases

If you are looking for a way to decorate your garden or you’re trying to find new ideas on how to make vases, then this DIY is for you!

How about you turn your plastic bottles into preety hanging vases?

It’s simple , you will need : Plastic bottles ,Fabric ,Scissors ,Glue ,Puncher ,Cord ,Knife ,Decorative laces or ribbons

Start by cutting the bottom part of the bottle and with a brush put glue on it in order to stick Fabric to it!

Then , cut the fabric edges. Afetrwards use the puncher on two parrallel sides of the top of the bottle and  tie the cord on both wholes.

Now , glue the top part of the bottle and stick the lace or ribbon

Your new vase is ready , hang it outsdie after putting inside of it plants or flowers.

Source : Fabartdiy

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