DIY Renovate Your Old IKEA Desk!

With the back to school you may want to get ride of your old desk and get a new one!

This is a chance for you to re-love your desk and keep it for more other years.

Let me tell you that after watching this video you will surely change your mind.

And what i am sure also about is that you will say that ” I am not good with the DIY things”, but let me tell this is the most easiest DIY you can ever find and the result is just WOW!

The idea proposed works great on most furniture with flat surfaces like vanities, end tables and dressers.

Easy and cheap materials to get it done and move from an old boring desk to a totally luxury one, that you can use in your guest sitting area or bedroom to add a glamorous and contemporary touch.

Watch the video and share with us your pictures if you try the hack.

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