DIY: Rock Cactus Plant

Are you that kind of person who is always looking for new projects to engage the kids and make them learn new things everyday? If yes, then this DIY project is what you are looking for. The idea is to make a painted rock cactus that looks like real cactus. This DIY project is super fun and easy to do. So get those little kids and give them a space where they can use their imagination and create their own masterpiece.

Here is the list of the things you will need: 

1) Garden River Rocks

2) Green, white paint (different shapes preferably)

3) Plant pot

Now here is what will you need to do:

The first thing you will need to do is to pick some medium-size flat river rocks. Use different  shapes to give more decoration.

After you gather your rocks, start painting them in different shades of green (I used a spray to do so)

After they are all painted, use the white paint to draw veins and add white dots to get the cactus look.

Let them dry for at least 5 hours and then place your rocks cactus in the plant pot.

congratulations you’ve just created a nice rock cactus plant to use for decoration :D

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